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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Rot Continues - Swansea 3 - Arsenal 2

48 Hours on and i must have counted to 10 so many times before writing this blog and i'm just about calm enough now!!

Hello all and isn't it funny what a game where 22 grown men chase a bag of wind around a patch of grass can do to you???
Arguments raging over twitter between Arsenal fans, arguments between the spuds and us (even where they are mates!! or is that mugs??) arguments down the pub - twitter fans who are suposedly "in the know" who are telling us who is going to sign etc etc etc. And then getting into arguments and giving it "told you so " after.
At the end of the day, unless you are Mr Wenger - you will not have a clue what is going on - we can all second guess, we all know someone who knows someone - and i suppose thats the beauty of twitter!!! We all have opinions and can express them - thank god sometimes for twitter because it is  faceless - if you were down the pub discussing the rights and wrongs of what wenger is doing i reckon a few punches would be thrown!!! More about that later.

Atmosphere and Fans

Back to Sunday's game and prior to game i tweeted that i could see it being 3-2 - to whom, i didn't know - i can't comment live on the game because this was a game i missed (watched it in the pub and those reading my tweets will know its dangerous to tweet when drunk!!) - Milan away has swallowed up a lot of my shreddies - so Young Dan was the only representative from The Eaglet Arsenal Supporters Club to make the long trip to South Wales - and in his words, "large turnout again from the Arsenal away following but suprisingly quiet - Swansea fans loud and boisterous and good home support " Is there anything else to do in Swansea apart from watch football or pop round your cousins!!!!!

3 and a bit hours drive up there and 3 and a bit back - and whatever the right or wrongs of what the fan shouted at Henry and according to @AFCAMDEN (good follow on twitter - always close to action - great pics and great fun bags in one pic!!) who was near to the fan - nothing racist was shouted towards Henry despite Ian Wright retweeting some crap from a Chelsea fan saying it was racist - retweeting lies or printing lies can make you despised - Just look at Piers Morgan!!!!!

Fans have a right to berate players if they feel they haven't put a shift in - and don't tell me that the likes of Arshavin or Walclott put a shift in!!! Win or lose they pick up their 60k a week - should wages be paid on performances? I don't think so - MENTALLY you are either a winner or you are not - and i'm afraid these two aren't - in my opinion! Talent also helps - both have talent - Arshavin more so than Walclott - but both do not  not have that desire, passion or hunger to succeed to make  you a winner!!!

Not Far Wrong!!!

The team was the strongest that Wenger could put out - not balming him for that BUT this strength in depth has been our achilles heel for years now - i'm sick of the tired old excuses that injuries and bad referring are the reason why we are struggling so badly - WHAT EVERY FRIGGIN YEAR - change the record or the policy - IT ISN'T WORKING.

A Wenger quote " We do not buy superstars, we make them" oh yeah - then we sell them when they realise they are going to win nothing and Arsenal can get a few quid for them. Harping on about the Invincibles is exactly what it is, history - great history but Arsenal are struggling badly this season. Those that go to games - how many good, not great games have you seen?? Chelsea away - Wigan away (yes Wigan!!!) and Norwich away . Apart from Chelsea the other two we should be beating - that's 3 games this season - 3!!!!! NOT GOOD ENOUGH

Anyway, we lost the game, we have no strenght in depth, the majority of you will have watched it so i'm not going to comment on the game or go through it minute by minute - but a great line someone said was ...

" What do you get if you cross Theo Walclott with a ball??? - a goal kick!!"

Oh but he scored i hear those Walclott lovers  shout - and? - So in 90 minutes his job is a) to cross and assist and b) to score - Great - he scored but did F all else. 6 years now - he's a senior player and should be taking the game by the scruff of the neck - but doesn't.

Consistently good at the limp wristed clap
The Spuds must be loving this - but to be fair they've had years of this - suppose its our turn to take it - unbearable when mrstalkinoutmyarse is one, born and brought (dragged) up in Totnumb - spare room most nights now - especially last Sunday!!
Bottom line is - We all know he has to splash the cash - spend £25 million on a world class player - Henry's nice to have back for sentimental reasons but seriously - he isn't going to drag us out the mire - its embarrassing and then to get into a bit of a "row" with a supporter - come on Arsenal.

Henry's  Itzy or is it Bitzy Impression? (2 young - google it)

The Emirates Tour

Although i spend every other Saturday up there, decided to take my daughter on the Emirates tour - what a lucky little 13 year old she is????

 For those that haven't been - and this is my second one - took a few vids and pics this time - those that have been or seen, ignore my self indulgence - those that havent - have a butchers.

One thing i did "feel" when i was up in the Directors lounge and Diamond Club - i don't think those that frequent these places really give a monkeys shit what happens out on the pitch - its a place to do business, a place to network - whether the Arsenal win, lose or draw!!!! Anyway rant definitely over now

Do they know there's a game going on the other side of the glass??

What's up and coming

Arsenal V Manure Sunday 22rd January kick off 4pm - Eaglet Arsenal Supporters Club meeting Gunners Pub Blackstock Road for The Awayboyz live at 1pm with new Flag in tow!!!

And because its been a depressive blog and last couple of weeks got  something to cheer you all up

We won the league at........xx
As always up the arse

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