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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

What Frimpong said - Arsenal 0 -Man $ity 1 (Fact)

Ok, very simplistic headline - but the bottom line is and realistically our only hope of silverware has flown out the window at the hands of the trillion,zillionaires Man $ity.

Na$$ri made his return to the Emirates and was greeted with love, warmth and festive cheer to thank him for his legendary Arsenal status and for all the silverware he brought to us during his time at N5 - (knob) - and i for one hope he spends his time rotting on the bench - BUT no amount of vitriol will bother the thick skinned rug muncher, drinker from the furry cup, whilst he sits there counting his pennies and his possible Premier League Trophy at the end of the season. Mercenary was a word made for him and so were a few others - but wouldn't we all do the same? - probably no - he's a twat!

I have to be honest and say for the 1st time in 3 years i  missed a home game - man flu'ed up - gutted but sold my ticket and had my spies behind the away bench - so most of the report is based on TV ( a bit like a lot of other blogs i can mention!!!!) and first hand reporting from members of the Eaglet Arsenal Supporters Club.

The Away Boyz were in The Eaglet 124 7 Sisters Rd, London N7 6AE prior to the game and by all accounts had their "hands full" with a rather lively crowd!! (according to sources). Atmosphere was good considering it was a Tuesday night 8pm kick off - thanks to scary Ivan and Andy W for the update.

The game itself - Djourou was the only player who started against Fulham to start this match as Mr Wenger made wholesale changes - to be fair Man $ity did the same but thats where the comparison ends- they can afford to do it - there are other comparison web sites around to show you how much Man City have spent - but we did have Oxlade - Chamberlain on view (not cheap) and Chamakh - correct me if i'm wrong but did we spend £10million on that??? ( Nope as someone pointed out but even free was too much!!)

The Ox played very well up against the experienced Zabalata - his off the ball running was better than earlier in the season, his ball retention was good and on a number of occasions had the confidence to test the giant in the Man $ity goal. Another player impressing was Coquelin, who slotted alongside Frimpingpong in the Arsenal Midfield. It was from a great cross from Le Coq that Park should have scored - but give credit to the giant in the $ity goal for making a good save.

Na$ri was pretty none existent throughout the game - the crowd gave him plenty of grief throughout " Na na na na na na Na$ri you're a c##t" or words to that effect - i always struggle with the second verse of that little ditty - which brings me onto the crowd - reports from my spies say that the atmopshere was good - is that becasue Na$ri was back? If it is then bring your lungs to the Everton game and pretend he's there - or was it becasue it was a "different" crowd in last night?? Either way - lets get the decibel levels up to the levels of last night no matter!!!

Na$ri temporarily escaping from Frimpingpong

Which brings me onto Man $ity fans - 5-6000 on a Tuesday night is good - fair dues - but according to reports you left your voices at home - one report said "they showed the arrogance of the Arsenal fans" i.e. just expected to turn up and win and not get behind their team - poor show from the blue half of Manchester!!! Would be alright if you'd won shit loads of trophies in the past but you haven't - FACT

Arsenal appeared confident and assured throughout, Squilaci, despite all the flak he's been getting was excellent alongside Koscielny, who since the Carling Cup Final has really turned his game around and must be up there as one of the best centre backs in the league. Frimpingpong, as i hoped, had a mature game and kept his head - he has the talent but has he got the mental ability to do it - only time will tell.

Park and Chamakh looked like they had won a competition where the prize was to play for Arsenal's 1st Team  - it didn't work, it won't work , it never will work - my Gran is more mobile than Chamakh and she's 6 foot under!! One positive about Park was there were a lot more pictures being taken in the crowd yesterday - it must be a marketing thing!!!

With the game heading towrds extra time and Mr W making changers, the disappointing thing was a goal was scored direct from a corner - yes our bloody corner - a coaches worst nightmare - ( well not really - a coaches nightmare has got to be coming home and finding your Mrs in bed with Lenny Henry and Susan Boyle - saying that, sounds quite interesting  sick, i'll move on perv)

Arshavin, couldn't beat the front man (again) Man $ity then Arsenaled Arsenal - lightning quick counter attack - Aguero - goal - end of - out the cup - shit cup anyway!!!

My spy in my seat - 2 rows back from away dug out and near the tunnel tells me that, after trying to exchange shirts, Na$ri part blanked Frimpingpong, who then loudly and aggressively gave it the old "Oi, Oi , you're a f##king pr#ck" - all i say is well done Frimpingpong - but let your feet do the talking  - you had a good game

Not sure who Judos is but you get their drift

Well that's it - i don't do long winded match reports - just long winded drivel - thanks to Andy W, Dan B and Scary Ivan for their contributions - those interested and not travelling away - game this Saturday away to Wigan is on at The Emirates £8 if anyone fancies it.

Christmas drink is 10th December Everton Home - more details to follow

as always talkinoutmyarse

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Fulham Red Rose and The Eaglet and 10th

Well first thing first - The Red Rose has reopened and f##k me if it doesn't look like something from the early 80`s - all it was missing was Del Boy at the bar - and guess what @wadsquadcm17 turned up and the bar was complete!!!
Blue decor and soft lighting - and pole dancers a plenty!!!!
Beer was ok £3 a pint and in real glasses - being a northern monkey, i love a real glass - not them crap plastic things. Any way Merv the swere, (@wadsquadcm17's dad)  the leg end @AImpey ( Andy Impey- QPR hero, not put a llb on since his playing days - doesn't spend many a £!!!) @Northbankjay ( Jay - the dark destroyer - sure he has a glass eye - doesn't seem to stay in one place!!!) all met for pre match drinks - hats off to you. Only had a couple in the red rose - cos to be honest it was warmer outside than in !!!

Made our way down to The Eaglet N5 - home to the Eagletasc (Eaglet Arsenal Supporters Club) to carry on the pre match drinks. Those that don't know The Eaglet - traditional country looking English pub serving traditional home made fayre with buxom wenches behind the bar and a landlord that makes Shrek look like Brad Pitt ( thats a joke - he's a top bloke if not a supporter of that mob from west london - you know sh#t club no history) - lovely toliet facilties with open views all round!!!

Jay tried his hardest in there - was pretty desperate attacking play from the wing man - little bit out of practice methinks -chin up old boy!!

Good drink had by all, good to see the North West Arsenal Supporters Club in there - hats off to Terry and the boys who make the trip down week in and week out from Chester, Stoke and the surrounding areas up there - puts some of us down here who don't turn up - to shame.

After a few beers, talk turned to the Eaglet Arsenal Supporters Club Christmas event - well drink up - agreed its the 10th December - to meet at 12, members to bring food ( more about that later in future blogs) - landlord will put aside an area for this - The Awayboyz are on - to drink, go the game - return to the Eaglet (Awayboyz on after) and basically go from there - Upper Street maybe - but still need to finalise plans.

Game itself and atmosphere - fair play to Fulham - didn't come in a taxi this year - filled their allocation and are the noisest away fans in London ( you'll get to know me soon!!) much louder than that mob from Enfield.. Our support and i'll be honest - lazy lazy lazy - our problem - arrogance - its Fulham - turn up - those that do - tooo many spares floating around yesterday - 5-6000 down on capacity again!!! - grumble when it doesnt go right but rarely pipe up and sing!!! Redaction - pull your finger out. Difficult for me as 2 rows back from away dug out but give it a go despite the stewards warning me repeatedly - SUPPORT YOUR TEAM!!

Fulam played well, Dembele, Zamora ( worth a sniff in January - let you decide) Murphy all contributed - we huffed and puffed - my view - yes we had a tough game mid week and yes we've played a lot of games but play your strongest team - win the game and then bring your Gervinhos your RVPS yoour Kos's off.

Had a goal rightly ruled out for offside - the ever so hard working and totally committed Arshavin, after 4 minutes from a pass from RVP, slooted home but linesman was right - Ramsey 10 minutes later should have done better after great interplay between Song and RVP, but blazed over - other end Dembele forced a good save from Szczesny.

2nd half Arteta ( not having one of his best games - does he make way as, if and when Wilshere gets fit?) gave ball away cheaply , Theo caught out of position cos of this, Murphy plays ball in behind - total confusion - great finish from TV5. Needed something like that to wake up the theatre going fans and the players - few interesting changes from Wenger - BFG off- Song to centre half and Diaby in to central midfield, Gervinho on, Ramsey off - and then to a 4-4-2 with the tireless Arshavin (im one sarcastic f##ker) playing alongside RVP - paid off with a great cross from Walclott and TV5 making ammends with a powerful downward header - fair result -1-1

Anyway its Sunday, she's at Zumba or rumba whatever you call it - im off for a hangover cure

as always - talkinoutmyarse

Thursday, 24 November 2011

The New Blog Site for Eaglet Gooners

Well, this will be short as i'm new to all this but having had the dubious honour of The Chairman of the newly formed Eaglet Arsenal Supporters Club (Eagletasc) bestowed upon me - i am attempting to set up a new blog site. This blog will look at all activities off the field as well as on and keep members updated as to the comings and goings.

I shall leave it at that for now and return later