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Friday, 30 December 2011

Wolves, Drinking and The Gunners Pub

Bonjour a tous les gens lovely vous - Roi Henri le 12e a returnes!!!!!

Is there really any other picture????
Subject to insurance deals etc etc - I'm sure knowing how tight Wenger is he will have gone to Go Compare and looked at 3rd party fire and theft and there won't be enough cover at all! ( bit like the squad in certain positions!!)

If all the T's are crossed and I's dotted i can't see it doing much harm BUT its a bit like the little Dutch boy sticking his finger in the hole in the dam - We need a long term solution to our lack of firepower up front - simples ( And that Meerkat can do one and sharpish - old Arshavin). I did mention a couple of weeks ago that if he signed it looks like he would make his debut against Leeds in the Fa Cup on the 9th Jan 2012 - Wenger has come out and said that Henry is 2 weeks away from full fitness - so if he's already been training down at London Colney then that should be about right. Just a shame game is on a Monday night - Fa Cup should be Saturdays or at worst a Sunday - always nice to see 9000 Leeds fans on a weekend round London!!!!

Onto other news - bit of a mixed up blog ( bit self indulgent as well - apologies)  as Christmas and all that has meant days drinking, eating, farting, sleeping and snoring - and that's just the Mrs - so haven't felt the urge to get on the old typewriter but I'm here at 5am on the day of the QPR game.

Wolves and the pre match stuff

Looking back to the Wolves game and the pre match entertainment - rather than The Eaglet, members of the Eaglet Arsenal Supporters Club ( albeit short in numbers - lots of thumbs on foreheads methinks!! you know who you are)  made the short trip up the Blackstock Road on the 27th, with a couple of friends ( Will and Stacey)  for a pre match pint or two at The Gunners Pub (Link) - had always been planned to meet the founder of the newly formed Texas West Arsenal Team Supporters club ( or  T.W.A.T. S.c for short). Gabby (that's a Mr even though he has a girls name) and his stunning assistant Audrey had flown all the way from the States and were old friends

T.W.A.T.S.c (Gabby left of big ginger bloke, Audrey 1st right of big ginger bloke)
The Away Boyz were playing so the Americans were introduced to our cultured taste in modern music, as well as copious amounts of alcohol - Away Boyz, alcohol, smoking, swearing - just all rolls into one and seems to go hand in hand. Got in the Pub for 12  and began more bloody festivities. Pub sooned filled up and nice to see some old faces and a few fellas from The Eaglet and of course big Nate - lovely man who insist on buying everyone Jager bombs - most people shake hands when meeting - not Nate - its a Jager Bomb!!!!! More people showed up - Puggy, Kym ( yep another bloke with a girls name) young Dan Bailey and a big ginger bloke ( another Dan but a top fella - shared a single bed with him at 98 world cup in Marseille - won't go into that!!)

Chaps singing and Al Murray

With the alcohol flowing  and the Away Boyz in full voice, the atmosphere was beginning to build nicely for the game - with the emphasis on the need to take all 3 points - especially with all but Man Utd drawing.

Isn't it great how beer can make everything rosy and that Wolves would be there for the taking and 3 points would be ours!!! Those that know me know that no amount of alcohol will ever make a game appear easy - i am Mr Pessimistic, from 23 Pessimistic Street,  St Pessimistic, Pessimisticshire.

So at 2.55pm we left the pub to make the short journey to The Emirates and our seats  - block 6 , 2 rows behind the away dug out.

Away Fans

Got to be honest Wolves - you didn't take your full allocation - i know its Christmas and all that, but that bloke Aslef kindly put the game back a day to give you a day to recover from all your excessive eating etc so the least you could do was fill your end!!! Not great vocal support either - ( but then neither were we!!)

The Game

We started brightly, from what i could see though my beer goggles and on the 8th minute, great ball from Benayoun put Gervinhohoho through and we all waited for him to drill the ball into the keeper, but no - took it round the keeper and slotted it coolly home. With a few changes to the line up, it appeared that we became majorly complacent and it became too easy. A frustrating and annoying habit that has affected us over the years - a soft side to us - and we sort of sat back.

too much xmas pud gervinhohoho

Have to say it again - but we need to build up the atmosphere in that place - Wolves were flat, we were flat - we are not the worlds greatest team that the world has ever seen - change the record.

And so it proved with a miss placed clearance from  Djourou, a miss placed shot from Hunt and a header from Fletcher drew the teams level - when was the last time we saw a well worked goal from the opposition??

I'm not going to go on about the 2nd half - but we could still be out their now and wouldn't have scored!! Substitutions were strange to say the least - Arshavin especially - as I'm bored of saying it now - he doesn't want to be there - or he does a bloody good impression of it - where was the Ox again??

Missed chances, great goal keeping and heroic defending - and all i can say is fair play to Wolves - came for a point and got one - and down to 10 men - not pretty - which brings me on to this chap

Mick                                       Sam
Where we sit - the away dug out can get some stick - won't mention names but it can be quite amusing - but it always has a habit of slapping you back in the face - but to be fair to the bloke from Sesame Street he took it well and even responded with a blown kiss to the chief perpetrator of the banter ( he sits next to me!!) and a " well he slept with your mrs" and a wink when the rather fat and bald kit man was getting some good natured abuse BUT BUT BUT Mick you ruined it all with that EMBARRASSING press conference this week  when you "presented" a whinge about not getting the red card rescinded - bore off you big nosed bore - EMBARRASSING - you got your well earned point - end of!!!

Right mes amis - i have the attention span of a gnat - so im off for a cup of tea - its now 06.58am - quick run, shower, shave and you know what - on the train and in the pub for 12pm  for the QPR game today - A MUST WIN GAME AGAIN and the return of the most obnoxious man in football Joey Deacon Barton

Come and join the Eaglet Arsenal Supporters Club at the  The Eaglet Pub directions - i believe a real big nose eaglet might be joining us today - well its a Parratt - Jake. We will be sat in the corner by the ladies toilets as usual!!!

One Direction ( grand dads)

 Up the Arse and a Happy New Year

Thursday, 22 December 2011

13 Unlucky for some??? Villa 1- Arsenal 2

Hello Chaps and Chapesses,

Well Arsenal maintained their impressive record at Villa Park after a hard earned victory made it 13 games unbeaten now at the home of Aston Villa - and how do they get their revenge - shut the Junction of the M6 and M1 making it a John Terry of a journey to get home ( John Terry - rhyming slang for cock!).

Booked a half day off work and left work at 1pm to get back to meet Dan ( @dan87afc) in London Colney to then pick up Scary Ivan and then Dan's Uncle, Ian, to make the trek up to Villa Park - cosy little foursome - Dan put on his favourite Dolly Parton CD and we set off. Made good time and after a bit of research parked up at Star City ( Junction 6 M6 - big entertainment venue place with free parking) - Grabbed a pint in the ten pin bowling alley, then made the 20 minute walk towards Villa Park with Scary Dan looking out for any Villains on the look out for 4 gooners looking slightly lost. 

Sean Lock?

As with all good football fans we found our way to the nearest pub. It was one of those pubs where you knew that you would need to wipe your feet on the way out!!! We were pleasantly surprised at the bar staff . Strangely they were all young girls with ample bosoms and nice smiles.

The clientele were however slightly different, speaking with funny Hartley Hair accents ( google it - I'm showing my age) - most of them looked like they had been eating grenade sandwiches since the age of 4 or had flossed their teeth with a chain and anchor and all looked like they could play the banjo!!!

Beer was all right  and in a glass and at £3 a pint wasn't too bad - don't ask me the name of the pub - the sign outside had a skull and cross bone covering it but it was near a power league pitch and the motorway ran overhead.

Scary Ivan?
For some reason Scary was very keen to get the rounds in and after about 4 or 5 we thought we better make a move ( why does football get in the way of beer and bosoms?) and follow the masses to Villa Park. A short stroll through a small woods, with a lovely babbling brook, over a snicket fence and up to the Doug Ellis stand, lower tier row R,  for 7.45pm.


What always impresses me is the numbers that always follow the Arsenal away - whether you 're a Gooner reading this or a fan of another club, the away allocation is always taken up by the Arsenal and the atmosphere is always good and vocal - those that know me, know that i criticise the atmosphere at the Emirates and the arrogant attitude of our not so vocal home support - so think I'm being pretty fair here!

Away lot

Villa started off well and the obvious game plan was to get at our "full backs" and it was from a cross from Villa's right that forced  Szczesny into a smart save from a Agbagadadawhore ( or however you say his name) header. On the other side, Villa were targeting Coquelin and  he wasn't helped by the more senior Walcott who was having one of those nights!!

Gervinho been on the weights

With Gervinho and Walcott switching wings, it was Walcott, on 17 minutes with a clever turn and drive into the box that caused Clarke to try a waltz with Theo and the referee correctly pointed to the spot. The main man made no mistake and drove the ball confidently into the roof of the net. The fans celebrated politely and i shook Scary's hand and then cuddled the girl behind me and thought here we go - as in here we go, the floodgates are gonna open, gonna penetrate and get in there - I'm talking about the Arsenal and not me!!!

Well both didn't happen - we sat back  and invited them on - Frimpingpong, who I'm worried is beginning to believe all his own self publicity - all this Dench business and Nasri business - time to do that is when you are a regular and playing well - think he needs to drop the Bertie Big Bollox and concentrate on his career - or he's going to be more bench than dench!!

Ramsey had a good chance when put through, but sliced horribly wide, when a further touch and cool finish would have been more appropriate.  Half time to be honest could not come soon enough and the lure of the pub, bosoms and beer was tempting but we were going to stick with it - pretty turgid first half but we were one up.

2nd half started like the end of the 1st with Ramsey and Frimpingpong guilty of giving the ball away - Ramsey, i can forgive - he has played so many games and is still a young lad and in the last few weeks has started to look jaded.

It was from a root one ball from the Villa keeper, a flick, a mis -placed header from Vermaelen to Mertesacker and Marc Roland Rat Albrighton stole in to coolly finish past Szczesny for the Premier Leagues 20,000th goal



Time for Frimpingpong to make his way to the dbench as Wenger decided to freshen proceedings up and brought on Rosicky . His arrival seemed to allow Arsenal to gain a foothold back in the midfield and this was further strengthened by the arrival of Benyayoun and weakend by Arshavin ( harsh i know but the bloke is completely shot - or should be) in the 81st minute for the tiring Ramsey and Gervinhohoho.

Arsenal must have had 5 or 6 corners in a short space of time and it was from another Van Persie inswinging corner in the 87th minute that the majestic, towering man mountain Benyaoun rose to power his header home to spark wild scenes of jubilation from the 3000 odd ( yep, odd is pretty appropriate) travelling contingent - another hug and squeeze for the doris behind me and a gleeful wave at the departing Villa fans.

Benni The Colossus

Play well at Man City = nil points, Play ugly at Villa = 3 points. Thats what you have to do sometimes!!!

Poor performance overall but Mertesacker coped well with the pace of that bloke with the funny name up front, Coquelin grew in stature and Arteta is just a class act - he really is in the mould of all that is good about Arsenal.

Walcott really needs to take this sort of games by the scruff of the neck and make an impact over 90 minutes - it can't always be left to RVP - as i keep sayimg he is one slip, turn, tackle away from being out and then we are in trouble!!

As for Arshavin, well he will be appearing in panto as an elf as he obviously has more of an interest for this sort of theatre than playing for Arsenal - he's bad for my elf - take £6 million and let him go - obvioulsy get a replacement first - oh we have - he's called the Ox long lost distant relative of Lord Lucan - think we got more chance of Lord Lucan wearing the shirt!!

Anyway the fans celebrated for a good 10 minutes after the game. We met back at Star City after popping in to have a look at the Star Titties in the pub on the way back to the car - grabbed a 10 piece KFC bargain bucket (to share with Scary!!!) and Dan took us via Coventry due to the motorway being shut, back home. Mrs Talkinoutmyarse was pleased when i crawled into bed stinking of beer, fags and breast ( the KFC chaps) at 2 am and promptly told me to "do one" - so spare room it was - worth it for the 3 points!!!!

What's coming up?

Arsenal v Wolves now 3pm 27th December thanks to Aslef - if i ever meet this Aslef bloke he's got some answering to do - twat!! - Meeting down the Eaglet N7  for 12pm - Star Attraction, Audrey Pineda,  all the way from the U S of A - big Arsenal Fan and drinks pints of Jagers standing on her head whilst singing Star Spangled Banner!!! Not to be missed.

Arsenal v Qpr 3pm 31st December - ( I'll still be  going from the 27th!!!)

Will be good to see you all down there

Up The Arse and Merry Christmas to all from Eaglet Arsenal Supporters Club

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Transfer Rumours, Injuries and Greedy Bastards

Hello All,

Well its mid week and those not going to Man $ity, it going to seem like a bloody long time to the next game - and it could be longer for some now those poor, hard done by tube drivers have decided to come out their cosy automated cab and go on strike - you'd never think the country needs to get back on its feet would you - £42k a year, 43 days holiday and you want MORE - suppose it is the season of scrooge - so suppose all you drivers are called Oliver.

Forgive me if I'm wrong but are you dodging bullets from some goat shagging shepherd in the mountains of Afghanistan - or are you pushing some buttons like  Johnny from Total Recall - Keep on striking and it will all be automated chaps!!

Dumb ass future tube drivers??

My flexible mrs
(available for halloween)

Rant over - well its mid week and feels strange with no mid week game and no internationals and with mrs talkinoutmyarse doing her keep fit , rumba or zumba, it gives me a bit of free time to look at all the comings and goings and all the crap being spoken about concerning transfers. Also to have a little look back at the Oil Firm Game on Monday between two clubs with huge histories!!!

What a classless, shameless bunch of mercenaries - both the fans and the players!!!

"Where were you when you were sh#t, where were you when you were sh#t" - i was struggling to work out who was singing it to who. Cashly, 10 men 9 men 8 men 7 men 6 men 5 men 4 men 3 men 2 men 1, 1 man and his mobile phone buzz buzz..........went to bed with Cashly mouthing off in the tunnel after the game about channel 5!!

That's the difference Mr Cole - we beat you, didn't rub it in your face, celebrated with the fans and moved on!! You always take it one step too far - disappointed with those Arsenal fans on the social sites agreeing and supporting his boast. Suppose he got a buzz out of it!!! or was that the phone allegedly up his hows your father!!

As for the game itself, i for one was hoping before the game for a Man $ity win. Realistically we are not going to win the league - even if Mr RVP keeps himself fit for the whole season and i could see Man $ity getting beaten at some stage of the season - so all this Invincbles baloney didn't wash with me!!
Again, after the game, the joy that Man $ity had lost was - well, lost on me - Chelsea get back into top 4, we drop out and its as if we've won the bloody game by Man $ity losing the very very slim chance of  becoming The Invincibles.

Come on Arsenal fans - be bloody realistic - our goal is the top 4 - if at the end of the season we miss out to Chelsea for the top 4 birth, are we all  going  to look back and go " Thank God Chelsea beat em, it doesn't matter, at least it  preserved our Invincible season!!!""  Sorry - i thinks that is the worse case of short sightedness I've ever seen or is it??

Harry, glasses for your tax forms?

Talking of which, do i need to say anymore about the comings and goings of the game between Stoke RFC and Tottenumb - all i can say is " Arise Sir Chris Foy" or is that Hoy??? Bless em all - fair to say he had a bit of a stinker but not as bad as all the Spurs fans abusing our Olympic Gold Cycling Medallist - Hoy? Foy? Easy mistake!!!!

We've all been there before so I'll leave it at that - they will be there or there abouts - and that's a worry!!

Transfer News

Oh come on - its Arsenal, it's Arsene Wenger and we got 5 new signings in January , Wilshere, Sagna, Diaby ( January 2014), Jenkinson and Santos!!!

All this talk about Goetze, Poldolski, Mickey Hazard or whatever his name is - is just all talk - best thing to do is wait and see - there's even been talk amongst Arsenal Fans of Torres!!! 

Sturridge and Torres

Do you really think Chelsea would sell Torres to Arsenal for £20 million??? I for one would have him despite his complete deterioration in form - and if one man could kick start again it could be Mr W but it won't happen - we will all have to wait and see - and wrap RVP in bubble wrap!! On another note, we should have gone for Sturridge a year or so ago - he would have some i reckon especially chatting to him at Bolton last year - or maybe i was that drunk he actually said he loved Mrs talkinoutmyarse or her Arse - or it may have been he loved the Arsenal!!

Injury News

Again if all the rumours are to be believed, Gibbs is back for 28th December, Jenkinson and Sagna new year and Wilshere end of January - lets hope they are all true - yes we do have a shocking injury list but check out Manure's - my heart bleeds!!

Diaby will fart between now and his return and sustain a double fracture of his femur.

Santos's landed awkwardly - but doesn't help with 16 stone behind it and will be out for 3 months - i personally like him and i think he played against Olympiakos because he insisted to continue his push for fitness - to be fair it could have happened against Everton - it just leaves us up a shitty creek without a certain instrument.

Any way lets all get behind the Arse on Sunday - (if she comes back all sweaty tonight from zumba, i won't be getting behind hers!!) and lets hope for 3 points. I think it will be a weekend where the majority of the country will be rooting for an Arsenal win!! On that note

Lets all see you down The Eaglet Pub Boxing Day and New Years Day

Up The Arse

Monday, 12 December 2011

Arsenal v Everton, 125 years and a bloody good drink!!!

Hello All,

Apologies for the delay in posting the write up from the weekend  - was quite a heavy one as you can imagine - what with the Arsenal playing Everton,  the 125 year anniversary celebrations, coinciding with the Eaglet Arsenal Supporters Club Christmas drink up and a party in the evening, spent most of Sunday calling God on the great white telephone!!!!

All in all, with the unveiling of the statues to the legends, the game itself, Chris #Foy(s)  who himself must deserve a statue after single handedly beating Spurs, it must have been old Harry boy who was the only unhappy one

Harry in happier times
 The day started well with the short train trip down from Potters Par to Finsbury Park, ( with the crew from London Colney including Mr Maguire and pal) then a stroll down the tree lined cobbled avenue of the Seven Sisters Road, inhaling the rustic aroma  of  -----------how do i describe it without getting into too much trouble?? Well, those that have taken that trip will know - at certain times of the day, just a deep breath and you could float all the way down that particular road - must be something they put in the hanging baskets???

Strolled into the Eaglet about 12.15pm and the pathfinder Scott L had been there since 11am and appeared quite jovial!! Met up with the quiet and retiring @nate_adeyemi (on twitter) who kindly bought the chaps a round of Jager Bombs - what a pleasant way to begin proceedings!! As you can imagine by the time the  Away Boyz came on stage we were in fine voice!!

The Eaglet 7th Male Voice Choir ( Any Impey has Guinness for a head!! wheres isWill i is?)
The idea was that we would get down to The Emirates for 2.15pm but the pub locked the doors and kept us in!!!!! - so we eventually strolled in around 2.55pm which for us is early - its what Saturdays are all about. ( Did manage to catch a glimpe of Thierry's statue - nice, but smaller than i thought)

Hello Sailor

Missed most of the celebrations but sitting so close to the away dug out and tunnel got to see most of the legends ( nice to see Charlie George and his bastard hair cut!! - but what a player)

The Game, The Fans - home and away

The back 4 picked itself ( in my opinion) with 4 centre halfs - howver Vermaelen has played at left back before. The rest was the same as previous 5/6 league games. Everton, despite their lack of goals had a pretty attacking line up - with the Russian with the long name (iverbollockoff or something like that) and Coleman on the flanks, with the dangerous Cahill supporting Saha, the lone striker.

To be fair, it was The Arsenal that started stronger and could and possibly should have been 2 up before half time -  Arteta feeding Walcott , who crossed  for Gervinho, ( i think the ball was slightly behind him) who may have scored. Then Gervinho put though by Song(?) -  one on one was never going to score - not in current vein of form - I reckon if Tim Howard had moved 50 yards to the left of his goal Gervinhohoho would still have hit him (harsh? Possibly!).

Ramsey, spun in the box  and stroked a left foot shot that narrowly went over Tim Howards bar - and that was about it for the first half.

Home fans - after a bright start and nice to see the ground so full - went a bit flat - again, it was a case of wait and see, we will win - Everton fans - took the full allocation as usual and to be fair gave Arteta a great ovation as he went to take a corner - were noisy to start with - then urged on by our quietness decided to follow suit!!!

2nd half was a vert cagey affair with neither side really creating any clear cut chances and it was left to the man of the moment, Mr RVP, to power home, off the keepers left hand post, a stupendous left foot volley following a lovely flighted pass from the impressive Song.


Tim ( sh#t, bo##ocks, tw#t,m#nge)  Howard didn't move - a great goal and fitting that the likes of Henry, George and Wright were there to witness it.

Few scarey moment towards the end when a leprechaun nearly equalised - but the unbeaten league run continues!

After Game

Back to the pub and the party began - Away Boyz were on again Away Boyz In Eaglet After Game - every one got very scary - copius amounts were drunk, we celebrated - some of us might make it to the 150th celebrations but i doubt it - not with our livers!! 

 Must tip my hat to the Norwegian Supporter who travels from Norway to every home game, who joined in the drinks and the dancing - top marks. And to all the Arsenal fans in The Eaglet who were all in top voice - Thanks God we won

Mr Impey and the Chuckle Brothers, Jay and Min made it to Upper Street, Young Dan B and Dan  others went to St Albans  and carried on the celebrations - i ended up with Mrs Talkingoutherarse at some drunken party!!

Future Events

Man $ity v Arsenal Sunday 16th Dec
Aston Villa v Arsenal Wednesday 21st Dec

Next Home game - Boxing Day v Wolves - see you all down The Eaglet if not before

Up The Arse

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Olympiakos 3- Arsenal 1 Bothered? You bet! 125 and Xmas Drink UP

Welcome all - and for those that said we put out a make shift, young team team, have a look at some stats i could be bothered finding.

These are club career appearances

Flapianski 58 appearances
Djourou 139 appearances
Skidaci 459 appearances
Arshavin 428 appearances
Benayoun 486 appearances

Not to mention Vermaelen, Chamakh - what i am trying to say is that team last night was not just a bunch of youngsters who haven't experienced big games before - there must be 2000 games between them - but a team with players in there who really should have known better. Used their experience to assist those younger ones in the team.

Alright Benayoun (officially quite ugly and I'm no oil painting but come on!!) scored a great goal but for the majority of the game ran up blind alleys and flapped his arms around when ever a ball did not come his way - NOT a good example to show the younger players.

Chamakh?                                     Chamakh?

As for Chamakh, his nose is completely out of joint - don't forget how well he started last year while RVP was out injured. As soon as RVP was back Chamakh was discarded BUT that does not excuse his poor control last night, his blatant diving and poor all round link up play. Am i the only one that thought that his dive for Benayouns goal should have been a yellow and a free kick to the Greeks?

Arshavin?                                        Arshavin?

As for Arshavin - where do i start? He attitude stinks, his body language stinks, his whole demeanour stinks BUT he has undoubted talent but i think he is a bad apple and will upset the cart for those youngsters desperate to come through the ranks - is it time for him to depart? I do think so - he's pushing 30, has never really settled he so I'll Ask Arshavin - "Do you want to go?" Yes? -- "Good"

Other than that Flapianski showed what he can do since Wigan away last year and countless other howlers so after picking up a nasty looking gash ( no jokes please) it was left for Vito Manone to make a rare appearance but I'm afraid for those that haven't seen his performance  have a look   Mannone in Swan Lake

Back to Lazy Town for Vito?
We deserved what we got last night - Yes, we had already qualified and the game was a bit of a dead rubber BUT it didn't half show up the lack of depth we have in the squad. We now seriously need to look at a keeper - but this will be a problem - Szczesny is a young top class keeper and will be the number 1 for a long time - will a young keeper with all the attributes to make it as a premiership goalkeeper want to wait in the shadows??
Or is there an older goalkeeper out there with experience who is able to play second fiddle knowing he has only a few years left but is willing to play the odd game here and there and help out - that would be the ideal scenario - anyone have any ideas??

Same old as well - we are crying out for a striker - we have a dearth of poor strikers. Its imperatibve that he buys in January, but again, i foresee problems. Who will want to come to Arsenal and play second fiddle to RVP unless

A) he changes the formation to play 2 up top
B) finds an amazing kid who can come on as a striker and change a game

Was really worried that both Vermaelen and Santos played - was that their idea for match fitness - did they ask Mr Wenger to play? Or was it Wengers? It backfired anyway with Santos and there were some little rumours flying around that Vermaelen may have a slight back spasm - rumours i hope they are.

Well enough about the game

Future Events

Arsenal v Everton 125 year birthday celebrations and the Eaglet Arsenal Supporters Club Xmas Drink up. Starting at 12pm at the The Eaglet. Live music provided by the excellent The Away Boyz check out the link. All time classic tune and player!!(Everytime the Away Boyz play down The Eaglet in the prem  we don't lose!!) Will be a great atmosphere so if you normally drink elsewhere, change the routine and pop down.

And if your lucky Mr Andy Impey (social secretary) will delve deep and get you a pint!

The CEO Will i is Chippington will be providing  the latest viagra on the market - its called the 007......its make you Roger Moore. Cultural  entertainment will be provided by Min and Jay - The Eaglets equivilent of The Chuckle Brothers.

Those wishing to continue the night, to meet back in The Eaglet after the game to continue the merriment.
All welcome, so come down and say hello - we will be sat in the far corner by the ladies toilets!!!!

Up the Arse

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Wigan 0- Arsenal 4

Part of todays blogs has been kindly put together by Dan Bailey, Ian (his uncle) and Dan Littlechild (Dans B's lover)!

Catching the 8.30am train from Euston ( no i don't know why he caught the early train either) we settled ourselves in for the 3hr slog to Wigan - not suprisingly there were'nt that many Gooners on the train but that didn't stop me getting excited about Wigan!! Consumed a few beers on the way up - read the pre match blog - and arrived in Wigan around 10.30am to be met at the station glorious sunshine and cheerleaders  -, yeah right,  it was p#ssing down!!!

Wigans Finest?
We headed for the first cafe we would find and tucked into a full English for the princely sum of £4.00 - handsome it was then onto the Red Robin Pub

Nice couple of pints in there but as they weren't showing the early game on the box we did one and moved on to The Brickmakers Arms

Football was on , they had a pool table and got chatting to a couple of Wigan fans - good blokes, but very downbeat about their chances prior to the match and were even more down beat after we whipped their arses at pool - we knew it was going to be our day! Wigan lads were telling us that a season ticket at Wigan cost £250 for adult and £50 for a child!!! It works out cheaper to travel up by train to Wigan watch game and return back to London then it does to go to The Emirates ( but you wouldn't want to go to wigan every other week - once a year is enough) Also told us that when Spurs came up they didn't take their full allocation !!!

After knocking back our drinks we headed to the stadium - place was buzzing -away end was full and in good voice (at least 4500 i'd say) Wigan fans were disappointing and if it wasn't for the annoying drummer they'd have no support! Shame really - but it is a rugby town i suppose.

Game itself was good - without us really hitting the heights - but to have 4 different  goalscorers is great and does our goal difference a world of good - not going to comment too much on game as i'll leave that to talkinoutmyarse.

When RVP scored the shout went up "He scores when he wants, he scores when he wants, Van Perise he scores when he wants" - the man is on fire and deserved the goal for his all round effort.

Had to leave before end as had to catch 5.09 train back - so with Uncle in tow and my lover, we ran for the staion got lost 3 times, waved at the cheerleaders who were still there and got on the train!!! Managed to get into first class where met some great lads from Essex ( thats what away games are all about - the craic) had a good old drink and sing song with them          " We'll sit where we want, well sit where we want, we are Arsenal, we'll sit where we want" was one of our better efforts - that good it cleared the carriage of passengers so we had it all to ourselves!! - Back into Euston for about 7.30 - home, and in my local for 8pm - great day all round and great support.

Thanks Dan

The game itself

Previous years have seen Mr Wenger take this game too lightly, but obviously after reading the pre match blog from The Eaglet Has Landed N7 - he started with his stongest line up - however we started a bit sloppily and if it wasn;t for Santos timely intervention we could have found ourselves one nil down - but we didn't and a specualtive 25 yarder from Arteta seemed to pass through the hands of the Wigan keeper to put The Arsenal one up - within a couple of minutes it was 2-0 . The ever impressive Vermaelens headed home from a corner - the first goal from 179 corners!!

Having been in this position before it was vital to get a 3rd and it was down to Gervinho to finish off a fine 33 pass move - have a look -    Gervinhos Goal

For his massive heed - found in changing room after game

RVP sealed the win with a 4th - just reward for a tireless performance. Thought Mr Wenger may have brought him off but kept him on to the end - and made 3 substitutions all at the same time on the 80th minute - Song, Walcott and Gervinho off, Arshavin, Coquelin and Benayoun on.

Szczesny is slowly becoing a cult hero and led the singing with the fans after the game - nice touch- Szczesny Singing

Overall, very satisfactory - rest all of em mid week, wrap RVP in bubble wrap and bring on Everton next week

Up The Arse

Apologies for the lazy blog -over celebrated the win down The Loop Bar, London with a certain Andy Wadding - those looking for a good night out - go there - behind Bond Street - so the blog is a bit lazy.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Pie Munchers Wigan V Arsenal 3rd December 2011

Welcome all and apologies for the late blog - was with a good friend last night (amazingly a Spud) Under 15 Crystal Palace assistant manager and scout watching an Under 11 District Game in deepest darkest Hertfordshire so didn't return until late.

Those that say the English game has no talent coming through should watch one of these gamess - ball on the floor, pass and movement, good first touch, respect shown to the each other, the officials and some great goals!!

Onto todays game - and we will have some spies at the game - young Dan Bailey will be on the 8,30am from Euston making the long trek north to be joined up there by Terry and the North West Arsenal Supporters Club making the short trip across from Chester - reminds me of the last time i headed to Wigan and just before pulling into Wigan, the train conductor announced over the tannoy in his best British Airways Jumbo Jet 1st Officers voice " Ladies and Gentlemen, Ladies and Gentlemen, next stop Wigan, next stop Wigan - and for those leaving the train" and then a long pause, all about timing with this one!! he cam eback with " GOOD LUCK"!! ( those that have been to Wigan before you'll get where he's coming from)

Gary Caldwell and Bother?

Some not so interesting facts about the Town of Wigan

1) The Verve are from Wigan as is George Formby
2) Famous Wigan food products (apart from their love of pies) Heinz baked beans
3) Otehr well know firms in Wigan include Girobank ( never have guessed looking around the place) and the Tote
4) Marks and Spencer originated in Wigan in 1894 and had its HQ there for 3 years (soon moved out though)
5) Wigan Casino for its legendary Northern Soul weekenders

6) ......... struggling now .... Oh and Dave Whelan, JJB Sports ( responsible for providing clothing for 70% of the population - cheers Dave)

Catwalk in Wigan?

Some Quick Stats For you

Wigan have won 25%, drawn 45% and lost 30% of last 20 home games
Wigan last conceded less that 2 goals at home some 5 games ago
Wigan have conceded opening goal in 12 of last 20 home games, going on to win 3, draw 3 and lose 6
Arsenal last kept a clean sheet on travels 6 games ago
Arsenal have found the net in 90% of last 20 away games

So 0-0 today then!!!!

Last 2 away games have seen Arsenal lead twice but fail to win, drawing one and losing the other. This i put down to Mr Wenger not paying full respect to Wigan and tinkering with the team - the arrogance of Arsenal as i call it - its "only" Wigan and i don't have to play my strongest team - RUBBISH - you must play the strongest team and in my opinion it has to be a back 5 of
 1) Sczc rb) KOS cb) BFG cb) TV5 lb) AS
5 across middle
rw) TW rm) AR cm) AS lm)MA lw)GERV

1 up to

subs have to include the OX and any of 8

No excuses Mr Wenger but if Gary Caldwell plays - you must exploit his lack of ---- goodness?

Couple of quick jokes about Wigan

To become a bit more cosmopolitan , In Wigan town centre they've built an Urdu Centre - problem is all the locals keep going in and asking for a short, back and sides!!

Bloke walks into a jewellers in Wigan and asks the man behind the counter if he can make a gold replica of his beloved dog who had passed away. Jeweller replies " Of course we can, that's be na problem, does tha want it 18 carat?"
"Noooo" replies the bloke "I want it chewin a bone you dozy bastard!!!"

On that note Up the Arse


1) Those not travelling and wanting to watch the games its on live at The Gunner Pub ko 3pm

2) 10th December Everton Home 125 Arsenal Anniversary, Eaglet Arsenal Supporters Club and any fellow gooners Christmas drink starting at 12 pm at The Eaglet Pub starring The Away Boyz

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

What Frimpong said - Arsenal 0 -Man $ity 1 (Fact)

Ok, very simplistic headline - but the bottom line is and realistically our only hope of silverware has flown out the window at the hands of the trillion,zillionaires Man $ity.

Na$$ri made his return to the Emirates and was greeted with love, warmth and festive cheer to thank him for his legendary Arsenal status and for all the silverware he brought to us during his time at N5 - (knob) - and i for one hope he spends his time rotting on the bench - BUT no amount of vitriol will bother the thick skinned rug muncher, drinker from the furry cup, whilst he sits there counting his pennies and his possible Premier League Trophy at the end of the season. Mercenary was a word made for him and so were a few others - but wouldn't we all do the same? - probably no - he's a twat!

I have to be honest and say for the 1st time in 3 years i  missed a home game - man flu'ed up - gutted but sold my ticket and had my spies behind the away bench - so most of the report is based on TV ( a bit like a lot of other blogs i can mention!!!!) and first hand reporting from members of the Eaglet Arsenal Supporters Club.

The Away Boyz were in The Eaglet 124 7 Sisters Rd, London N7 6AE prior to the game and by all accounts had their "hands full" with a rather lively crowd!! (according to sources). Atmosphere was good considering it was a Tuesday night 8pm kick off - thanks to scary Ivan and Andy W for the update.

The game itself - Djourou was the only player who started against Fulham to start this match as Mr Wenger made wholesale changes - to be fair Man $ity did the same but thats where the comparison ends- they can afford to do it - there are other comparison web sites around to show you how much Man City have spent - but we did have Oxlade - Chamberlain on view (not cheap) and Chamakh - correct me if i'm wrong but did we spend £10million on that??? ( Nope as someone pointed out but even free was too much!!)

The Ox played very well up against the experienced Zabalata - his off the ball running was better than earlier in the season, his ball retention was good and on a number of occasions had the confidence to test the giant in the Man $ity goal. Another player impressing was Coquelin, who slotted alongside Frimpingpong in the Arsenal Midfield. It was from a great cross from Le Coq that Park should have scored - but give credit to the giant in the $ity goal for making a good save.

Na$ri was pretty none existent throughout the game - the crowd gave him plenty of grief throughout " Na na na na na na Na$ri you're a c##t" or words to that effect - i always struggle with the second verse of that little ditty - which brings me onto the crowd - reports from my spies say that the atmopshere was good - is that becasue Na$ri was back? If it is then bring your lungs to the Everton game and pretend he's there - or was it becasue it was a "different" crowd in last night?? Either way - lets get the decibel levels up to the levels of last night no matter!!!

Na$ri temporarily escaping from Frimpingpong

Which brings me onto Man $ity fans - 5-6000 on a Tuesday night is good - fair dues - but according to reports you left your voices at home - one report said "they showed the arrogance of the Arsenal fans" i.e. just expected to turn up and win and not get behind their team - poor show from the blue half of Manchester!!! Would be alright if you'd won shit loads of trophies in the past but you haven't - FACT

Arsenal appeared confident and assured throughout, Squilaci, despite all the flak he's been getting was excellent alongside Koscielny, who since the Carling Cup Final has really turned his game around and must be up there as one of the best centre backs in the league. Frimpingpong, as i hoped, had a mature game and kept his head - he has the talent but has he got the mental ability to do it - only time will tell.

Park and Chamakh looked like they had won a competition where the prize was to play for Arsenal's 1st Team  - it didn't work, it won't work , it never will work - my Gran is more mobile than Chamakh and she's 6 foot under!! One positive about Park was there were a lot more pictures being taken in the crowd yesterday - it must be a marketing thing!!!

With the game heading towrds extra time and Mr W making changers, the disappointing thing was a goal was scored direct from a corner - yes our bloody corner - a coaches worst nightmare - ( well not really - a coaches nightmare has got to be coming home and finding your Mrs in bed with Lenny Henry and Susan Boyle - saying that, sounds quite interesting  sick, i'll move on perv)

Arshavin, couldn't beat the front man (again) Man $ity then Arsenaled Arsenal - lightning quick counter attack - Aguero - goal - end of - out the cup - shit cup anyway!!!

My spy in my seat - 2 rows back from away dug out and near the tunnel tells me that, after trying to exchange shirts, Na$ri part blanked Frimpingpong, who then loudly and aggressively gave it the old "Oi, Oi , you're a f##king pr#ck" - all i say is well done Frimpingpong - but let your feet do the talking  - you had a good game

Not sure who Judos is but you get their drift

Well that's it - i don't do long winded match reports - just long winded drivel - thanks to Andy W, Dan B and Scary Ivan for their contributions - those interested and not travelling away - game this Saturday away to Wigan is on at The Emirates £8 if anyone fancies it.

Christmas drink is 10th December Everton Home - more details to follow

as always talkinoutmyarse

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Fulham Red Rose and The Eaglet and 10th

Well first thing first - The Red Rose has reopened and f##k me if it doesn't look like something from the early 80`s - all it was missing was Del Boy at the bar - and guess what @wadsquadcm17 turned up and the bar was complete!!!
Blue decor and soft lighting - and pole dancers a plenty!!!!
Beer was ok £3 a pint and in real glasses - being a northern monkey, i love a real glass - not them crap plastic things. Any way Merv the swere, (@wadsquadcm17's dad)  the leg end @AImpey ( Andy Impey- QPR hero, not put a llb on since his playing days - doesn't spend many a £!!!) @Northbankjay ( Jay - the dark destroyer - sure he has a glass eye - doesn't seem to stay in one place!!!) all met for pre match drinks - hats off to you. Only had a couple in the red rose - cos to be honest it was warmer outside than in !!!

Made our way down to The Eaglet N5 - home to the Eagletasc (Eaglet Arsenal Supporters Club) to carry on the pre match drinks. Those that don't know The Eaglet - traditional country looking English pub serving traditional home made fayre with buxom wenches behind the bar and a landlord that makes Shrek look like Brad Pitt ( thats a joke - he's a top bloke if not a supporter of that mob from west london - you know sh#t club no history) - lovely toliet facilties with open views all round!!!

Jay tried his hardest in there - was pretty desperate attacking play from the wing man - little bit out of practice methinks -chin up old boy!!

Good drink had by all, good to see the North West Arsenal Supporters Club in there - hats off to Terry and the boys who make the trip down week in and week out from Chester, Stoke and the surrounding areas up there - puts some of us down here who don't turn up - to shame.

After a few beers, talk turned to the Eaglet Arsenal Supporters Club Christmas event - well drink up - agreed its the 10th December - to meet at 12, members to bring food ( more about that later in future blogs) - landlord will put aside an area for this - The Awayboyz are on - to drink, go the game - return to the Eaglet (Awayboyz on after) and basically go from there - Upper Street maybe - but still need to finalise plans.

Game itself and atmosphere - fair play to Fulham - didn't come in a taxi this year - filled their allocation and are the noisest away fans in London ( you'll get to know me soon!!) much louder than that mob from Enfield.. Our support and i'll be honest - lazy lazy lazy - our problem - arrogance - its Fulham - turn up - those that do - tooo many spares floating around yesterday - 5-6000 down on capacity again!!! - grumble when it doesnt go right but rarely pipe up and sing!!! Redaction - pull your finger out. Difficult for me as 2 rows back from away dug out but give it a go despite the stewards warning me repeatedly - SUPPORT YOUR TEAM!!

Fulam played well, Dembele, Zamora ( worth a sniff in January - let you decide) Murphy all contributed - we huffed and puffed - my view - yes we had a tough game mid week and yes we've played a lot of games but play your strongest team - win the game and then bring your Gervinhos your RVPS yoour Kos's off.

Had a goal rightly ruled out for offside - the ever so hard working and totally committed Arshavin, after 4 minutes from a pass from RVP, slooted home but linesman was right - Ramsey 10 minutes later should have done better after great interplay between Song and RVP, but blazed over - other end Dembele forced a good save from Szczesny.

2nd half Arteta ( not having one of his best games - does he make way as, if and when Wilshere gets fit?) gave ball away cheaply , Theo caught out of position cos of this, Murphy plays ball in behind - total confusion - great finish from TV5. Needed something like that to wake up the theatre going fans and the players - few interesting changes from Wenger - BFG off- Song to centre half and Diaby in to central midfield, Gervinho on, Ramsey off - and then to a 4-4-2 with the tireless Arshavin (im one sarcastic f##ker) playing alongside RVP - paid off with a great cross from Walclott and TV5 making ammends with a powerful downward header - fair result -1-1

Anyway its Sunday, she's at Zumba or rumba whatever you call it - im off for a hangover cure

as always - talkinoutmyarse

Thursday, 24 November 2011

The New Blog Site for Eaglet Gooners

Well, this will be short as i'm new to all this but having had the dubious honour of The Chairman of the newly formed Eaglet Arsenal Supporters Club (Eagletasc) bestowed upon me - i am attempting to set up a new blog site. This blog will look at all activities off the field as well as on and keep members updated as to the comings and goings.

I shall leave it at that for now and return later