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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Henry Returns - and i want to detox!!!!

Greetings All,

Long time since last blog but with Wolves and Qpr at home, Christmas and New Years day then someones funeral in between Christmas and New Year, meant more bloody drinking - people can be so selfish at times, there was little time to write a blog!!! There was food, drink food and more drink, followed by food and a bit more drink - until ......

Mr Creosote aka talkinoutmyarse
But I'm back now - not quite detoxed - there's always an excuse to do it another day - how many others keep putting it back? - Not being funny but would people stop inviting me to parties just after Christmas - its killing me!!

Quick report on Qpr, not so much the game but the atmosphere before and after the game - good old drink up the Eaglet and then on to the ground with Mr Will Chippington CEO of the Eaglet Arsenal Supporters Club and the QPR legend himself Mr Andy Impey ( if footballers were cars he's have to be Mr Andy (Hillman Imp)ey!!) - my seat is 2 rows behind the away dug out Row 6 - you'll normally hear my voice berating the away bench, with a crew behind me - more so when its chavs like Neil Warnock - who constantly berates everyone around him normally with a f*ck and a c*nt thrown in - takes one to know one Neil!!

Mrs Doubtfire?                             Neil Warncock?
To be fair to the QPRbench they took it all in good stead - especially and we weren't to know - the QPR sub who was getting it big time from the usuals - but then he took his top off and the surname was Orr - and up went the chorus  " You're mothers an Orr , you're sisters an Orr, whoever you are, your mothers an Orr"

Which technically she is and there was no harm meant - Great credit to Bradley Orr of QPR, after the game he came over to our section and threw his shirt into the main protagonists just sat near me.

The game itself was a tense affair and settled when Shaun Wright Phillips played a delightful ball to Arshavin, who gets an assist with a ball that even Steve Hawkins could have rolled through and there was RVP to do what he does best and finish coolly for his 35th premier league goal of the year - 1 ahead of the previous record held at Arsenal by some French geezer called Henry, who was watching from the stands - little did we know the drama to follow over the forthcoming weeks.

Barton got off lightly from the Arsenal fans - do we hate anyone? - surely he deserved a little bit more barracking after his play acting at the start of the season - but no - a little bit of "boo Barton, you bastard" from some sections (then shit did i really say that and then sit down)  and give him the freedom of the park and let him play quite well and for him to take the piss on Tweeter about the prawn sandwich brigade at the Emirates and how quiet it is - To be fair Joey Deacon Barton - we only sing and abuse the big players and big clubs and you and QPR aint that!!


Got to be honest - the thought of going to The Emirates on a cold January night for a FA Cup 3rd round tie against Leeds, didn't exactly fill me with warm fuzzy thoughts and excitement. Fa Cup games should only be played at the weekend (unless its a replay) - I've got Eastenders and mrstalkinoutmyarse for that - but at the last minute a certain Mr Henry re signed for the Arsenal and all those feelings came flooding back to my loins (!!!)

So with season ticket in hand made the short trip down to Finsbury Park, the stroll down the Seven Sisters Boulevard, waving merrily at all the businessmen and women going about their daily work, dodging the dog shit on the pavements, narrowly weaving out the way of the cyclist who was being chased by 2 of her majesties  finest London bobbies with truncheons drawn and into our second home The Eaglet.  The Eaglet Arsenal Supporters Clubs were also there all excited in the loins at the thought of Mr Henry making an appearance. Ginger Dan, Young Dan, Andy Gallstone Wadding, Minesh Chuckle Brother, Lango the Enforce and Scott Dany Dwyer Lacey ( i'll buy up your pub and rent it back to you)

Henrys coming -??? Eaglet boys

A few swift Guinness's were quaffed and unusually for the supporters club we left 15 minutes before kick off rather than the usual, stagger down the road, get into the ground 10 minutes in, pi*s everyone off and collapse into our seats!!

The ground had a buzz about it and nice to see the Leeds fans in good numbers and as always in good voice - 5000 wouldn't be a bad guess!!!

The game itself was the usual Arsenal of the last couple of weeks - loads of possession but not moving the ball quickly enough - ok it was a different line up but surely they are all taught to play the same way - lots of sideways and backwards passing - and not a lot of  attacking options from the full backs - Le Coq and Miquel. Arshavin looked threatening but too often ended up running up his own arse or falling over. Chamakhattack (but not so much of the  attack anymore, more Chamakhatractor) tried to hold the ball up and bring other players into the game - but failed - end of! Leeds didn't threaten much and the Leeds fans kept up that dreary "Marching on together " chant and that stupid "We are the Champions , Champions of  Europe" cock and the "You're just a small team in Totnumb, small team in Totnumb"  bull - but they were in good voice - shit loads of Whippets though tied up outside the Emirates - that must have been the reason for all the dog mess down the Seven Sisters Boulevard!!!

For any Spuds reading this, and i know you do, Townsend looked dangerous and looked very ugly!!! but played him on the right, quick and skillful, probably on t'night Leeds best player.- enough for you lot now!

Second half came, Northern lot polished off there bovril an hovis and carried on marching on together - Arsenal got into their stride and the great man decided to warm up- which certainly raised the decibel level.

Pace of the game was a lot better with the Ox terrorising the left back and often drifting inside and making things happen - telling you now he will be a great attacking central midfielder one day. Arshavin huffed and puffed and did try but his night was subbed up when Miquel played a lovely ball over the top to met by Arshavins Thigh Knee Shin - i thought we'd signed another non descript Korean player when someone shouted that but then realised it was the Russian midget.

But the script was written for the man himself and with about 20 minutes to go this happened Henry's Entrance  click on link( bear with it - its about 3 minutes as the ball wouldn't go out!!)

And then this ..........

Rolling back the years

We know that he's not what he was, we know we have deficiencies in certain areas, we know that Wenger is a tight arsed git, we know we are looking up at Totnumb rather than down, we know that Liverpool will be playing against Man Utd in an all white kit of white socks, white shorts, white shirts and white hoods - but this was one of those days/games that was nearly on a par with Barcelona last year - just for sheer theatre, passion, excitement, nerves, butterflies the lot.

You could not have written the script - well you could because deep down everyone, including all football fans throughout the land knew, just knew that this would happen- with 12 minutes to go, wearing the number 12, in the year ending 12, scoring his 12th goal against Leeds that Arsenal would win 1-0 and Thierry Henry would score!!!!!

I'm going to savour the moment - not going to look at the negatives of the display - that save that for another blog - but has there ever been a more beautiful player in the Premier League than the man himself.......

as always up the arse

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